About Emilcott


Since 1986, Emilcott has been at the forefront of the environmental, health, and safety industry. Our mission is to provide our clients, their employees, and the public with safe, sustainable, and productive environments. Through better technology, highly-trained and experienced staff, and tested processes, we help our clients improve their operations by reducing costs, risks, and hazards.



We still answer our phones. Our client's needs
outweigh our own priorities.


Better outcomes start with better diagnoses. We work hard to precisely determine the cause of a hazard.

Practicality Counts

We respect our customers' resources are limited.
Our goal is to engineer the problem out of the
system with the resources we have.

Organize Around What Matters

We organize our business around the deep expertise required to apply health and safety principles to unique locations and surroundings.

Peer Review

Our system of peer review pressure tests our
recommendations from many perspectives.

Hire for Curiosity

We value people who want to build better mousetraps in pursuit of greater efficiency, effectiveness, and outcomes.

Honor the Individual

All people are important; from the CEO to the entry
level employee to the bystander.

Do the Right Thing

Our job is to keep our clients on the high road. We challenge ourselves every day to do that economically and with integrity.

Our Investments

  • Health & Safety benefits many stakeholders.

    Proud sponsors of the World Series of Birding

  • Honor the Individual

    We support working women.

  • Practicality Counts

    Proud sponsors of the Newark Regional Business Partnership

  • Organize Around What Matters

    American Red Cross - Morris County