Training Needs Assessment Tool

Are you in charge of employee training but don’t know where to start? Are you concerned about workplace accidents or worker compensation insurance rates?

This Training Needs Assessment Tool is designed to help you determine which employees need health and safety training to meet regulatory compliance specific to your operation. Use this tool to ensure that your investment in health and safety training addresses essential regulatory concerns and helps you manage time and costs effectively. LEARN MORE >

Glossary of Air Monitoring Terms

There are a number of regulations and initiatives that require owners, engineers and/or contractors to conduct air monitoring in order to not disrupt the surrounding community. LEARN MORE >

Guide to Lift Truck Usage Compliance

Employers who require employees to operate forklifts will benefit from our Guide to Forklift Safety Basics and Daily Operator's Checklist.

This at-a-glance fact sheet will give some ground rules for understanding the requirements for operating a forklift safely. It includes a daily safety checklist for Electric and Gas or LPG Forklifts. LEARN MORE >

Employer Guidelines for Purchasing PPE

Most small businesses have tight budgets. Knowing where dollars must be allocated helps maintain a strong bottom line. Some areas of employer responsibility remain grey, such as who is responsible for purchasing personal protective equipment (PPE) that is required on the job—the employer or the employee? LEARN MORE >

Ten Things Needed in a SSHASP

Site Specific Health and Safety Plans are required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and requested by Construction Managers, Property Owners, Developers, and General Contractors.

Writing a plan that meets the regulatory requirements and is approved by the owner of the project can be a daunting task. Emilcott’s ebook can guide you through the process. LEARN MORE >