Training Needs Assessment Tool

Are you in charge of employee training but don’t know where to start? Are you concerned about workplace accidents or worker compensation insurance rates?

This Training Needs Assessment Tool is designed to help you determine which employees need health and safety training to meet regulatory compliance specific to your operation. Use this tool to ensure that your investment in health and safety training addresses essential regulatory concerns and helps you manage time and costs effectively. LEARN MORE >

What Employers Need To Know When Implementing A First-Aid Training Program

Emilcott has developed this guide as a summary of the basic elements that an employer should incorporate into the training component of a first-aid program at the workplace. Whether training is provided by certified instructors from in-house or from a reliable vendor, the how and why employees are being trained is very important towards the programs overall success. LEARN MORE >

Guide to Lift Truck Usage Compliance

Employers who require employees to operate forklifts will benefit from our Guide to Forklift Safety Basics and Daily Operator's Checklist.

This at-a-glance fact sheet will give some ground rules for understanding the requirements for operating a forklift safely. It includes a daily safety checklist for Electric and Gas or LPG Forklifts. LEARN MORE >