Construction Site Safety

  • Site Specific Health and Safety Plans (SSHASP) Development and Review
  • Contractor Safety Programs, Corporate Health & Safety Plans development
  • Work Zone and Perimeter Air Monitoring Plans
  • Technical Staffing
  • On Site Health and Safety Officers
  • *Hazardous waste (hazwaste) operations training and certification
  • H&S Site Assessments
  • Hazard Assessments

Construction, Remediation, and Hazardous Waste EHS Oversight

Emilcott specializes in the EHS oversight of construction on contaminated or potentially contaminated sites.  These sites require highly experienced environmental health (EHS) and safety management to ensure worker safety.  Meticulous management of EHS is a key component ensuring project performance to schedule and budget.  A site that is shut down due to an accident or an unintended release will incur significant cost overruns.  Emilcott can develop the plan, train site workers, and monitor site conditions and performance to ensure optimum results.

We are experts in identifying and classifying potential hazards and risks associated with these projects. Once understood, we can then assist in effectively communicating the degree of these risks, and the means to control them to a wide variety of parties and stakeholders, including owners and operators, contractors, engineering firms and the public. Our goal is to keep the workers and the public safe while the project progresses.

Why Choose Emilcott?


We have developed a team that can provide the right skill sets of experience to match the unique needs of clients to provide the best solutions for optimal success. Our technicians and consultants can provide exceptional value by performing a variety of services across the environmental, health, and safety spectrum. The same onsite EHS consultant who is responsible for site safety may also manage our air monitoring stations and perform many other collateral construction support tasks.

Emilcott assists Clients by preparing and implementing Site-Specific Health & Safety Plans (SSHSP) for their construction and remediation projects. Emilcott also provides full time, on-site, Health and Safety Officers (HSO), work zone and perimeter air monitoring, and technical assistance throughout the project. We regularly provide surveillance of general site safety for construction and remediation projects. We also custom tailor training for our Clients and their subcontractors, ensuring project personnel receive the proper and most applicable training needed for the specific project.


We highly value practical solutions because we realize our clients must work within financial and structural constraints. We also realize that safe construction on contaminated or potentially contaminated site can be a serious project budget challenge. Our team works hard to provide engineered solutions, ensuring workers’ health and safety. We provide ongoing field and management support to our Clients. We help our Clients meet practical safety and loss control needs to meet business objectives, satisfy regulatory requirements, and to meet, or exceed, industry standards. Our purpose, on every project, is to protect workers from the contaminants and hazards they may encounter while on the site and to ensure the project runs smoothly and on schedule.

Peer Review

Our cross-business-unit peer-review process provides the broadest and deepest level of expertise to customers and often creates superior solutions that are both effective and efficient.

4,821 workers were killed on the job in 2014 (3.4 per 100,000 full-time equivalent workers) – on average, more than 92 a week or more than 13 deaths every day.  Fatal work injuries involving contractors accounted for 17 percent of all fatal work injuries in 2014.

-United States Department of Labor ureau of Labor Statistics


  • No, we can develop HASP that protects the untrained workers from contact with hazardous materials.

  • The most effective way is to have an EHS professional review an organization’s programs and activities through a health and safety gap-analysis or assessment. Emilcott has successfully conducted hundreds of these assessments and evaluations, providing our clients with a scorecard and prioritized list of what steps need to be taken to ensure compliance with OSHA and other regulations.

  • No, Emilcott can help you determine what training and procedures are needed to complete the project within budget and schedule.

  • There are many good reasons to hire an HSO for your job site: 1. You may be looking for more experience with the specific contaminants of concern. 2. Workers will feel better protected with third party, independent oversight. 3. The creation of a Site-specific Health and Safety Plan (SSHASP) for each subcontractor requires specialized skills that you may not have. 4. It is always beneficial to have personnel on site who have previously worked closely with local, state and federal officials and fully understands the site’s requirements.