Legal EHS

  • Litigation Support Services
  • Expert Opinion and Expert Witness
  • Air Monitoring and Perimeter Air Monitoring
  • Construction Safety Oversight
  • Onsite Health and Safety Officer
  • Site-Specific H&S Plans
  • OSHA Program Development
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments
  • Asbestos (ACM) and Lead Management
  • Mold Assessment and Control
  • EHS Program Review and Auditing
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Contractor Safety Program Evaluation
  • GHS Compliance Assistance
  • EHS Training

Environmental, Health and Safety Support for Our Partners

Emilcott provides a wide variety of environmental health and safety services to support the efforts of law firms, and engineering and environmental consulting firms.   Our expertise is highly valued in that we are considered experts in many disciplines of EH&S and have the broad experience to support professional firms in serving their clients when they may not have their own internal set of skill sets or resources needed for a specific project or initiative.  We have developed a reputation to be both technically astute as well as strategic in identifying and focusing in the most important critical issues facing a client.  We pride ourselves in maintaining the many partnerships we have developed with some of the best of the best legal and technical professional service firms.

For Attorneys

Law firms seek out technical experts that are able to quickly understand the issues and are able to provide practical and effective solutions that support the legal efforts of the firm. The Emilcott team holds many prerequisite third-party certifications (CIH, CSP, CHMM and others). We are well versed in the judicial process and understand the role of the technical expert in providing litigation support. We have a track record of successfully providing the legal team with sufficient technical support to win cases and provide favorable outcomes during the settlement process.

Clients have used Emilcott’s technical expert support services for dispute resolutions, arbitration and mediation, administrative hearings, depositions, and trial testimony.  We have provided document review and incident evaluation, forensic analysis, oral and written expert opinion, expert testimony and the areas of worker and public health. Emilcott can also work with counsel to develop strategy based on our expert findings.

For Engineering & Environmental Consulting Firms

Emilcott’s roots began by supporting the EH&S efforts of Engineering and Environmental consulting firms. We have become a trusted specialized sub-contractor and partner to many firms that either need our expert technical support or require some added resources help them meet the needs of their clients. Many of our partnerships have lasted over 20 years which is a testimony to our continued focus on providing excellent support to the needs of these firms.

We have specialized in providing worker and public health and safety services which ranges from basic OSHA compliance, to establishing best practices in reducing injuries and illnesses. Our expertise is to provide a clear understanding of the risks associated with a project and develop and implement a practical plan to control these risks so the project can be completed effectively and efficiently.

Emilcott's legal EHS services are offered in the Northeast U.S. in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, as well as in the Southeast U.S. in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. We will also consider additional service areas in the continental United States and Canada, if requested.